Tri-Co Propane is a full service propane company capable of handling all of your propane needs. Whether you represent a commercial organization or a residential customer, our trained technicians will seek out the best solution for your needs.

Residential and Commercial Services

Tri-Co Propane provides residential and commercial services for our customers in central Texas, which may include installation of tanks, site guidance and preparation for the installation, filling of tanks and cylinders, etc. Our LP Gas repair technicians can handle most repairs, modifications, and upgrades needed for your equipment. We also provide propane leak tests, equipment survey, and inspections for improving the efficiency of your system.

Propane Tank Installations

Tri-Co Propane can assist consumers with all aspects of the propane tank installation process for both residential and commercial uses.

Tank Selection

Tri-Co will assist and guide you through the process of tank selection. We routinely stock tanks ranging in size from 5 to 1000 gallons and can fit your specific usage requirements.

Tank Installation

Through consultation with you and regulation requirements, Tri-Co will handle site preparation, installation, and the lighting of pilots for appliances. We have the ability to trench for your lines, dig sites to set underground tanks, and safely install your tank.

Tank Sales and Rental

Tri-Co offers a wide variety of propane tanks for sale and rent. Rates for tank rental vary based on size. Commercial propane tank rental rates are available as well.

Tank Switch Outs

If you rent your tank from another propane company and want to switch to Tri-Co, we will replace the tank with one of our rental tanks at no charge. If you own your tank, no switch out is required and Tri-Co will fill those at your request.

Propane Cylinder Services

Whether you need cylinders filled at your business for forklifts, cylinders filled for your residential gas grill, or proper replacement parts, Tri-Co can meet your propane cylinder needs.

Certain requirements are necessary prior to a cylinder being filled. Among those requirements are the following:

  • All propane cylinders between 4lbs and 40lbs. are required to have an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) This device is specially designed to prevent accidental overfilling and will prohibit the flow of propane when a hose and regulator are not connected. You can find additional information by visiting the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Cylinders must be equipped with a collar around the valve, affixed with a secure foot ring.
On-Site Cylinder Filling

Our on-site cylinder filling station east of Temple in Rogers, TX routinely fills cylinders used for a variety of purposes. From 5 gallon (20 lb) barbeque cylinders, forklift cylinders, to 25 gallon (100lb) cylinders, Tri-Co can take care of your filling requirements. Our onsite cylinder filling station is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm.

Commercial Forklift Services

Using one of four bulk propane delivery trucks, Tri-Co has the ability to deliver propane to your site and fill your forklift cylinders.

Cylinder Inspections

Tri-Co has trained service people capable of checking your cylinder for maintenance, recertification and important repairs.

Cylinders and Parts

On occasion, you will need cylinders, hoses or regulators. Tri-Co has those and other parts on hand in most cases or can get them through its extensive resources in the propane industry.