Trico Propane


Propane Products

Tri-Co has an extensive selection of onsite products for you. Our 2000 sq. ft. building is equipped with a floor display area. In that area some of the items you will find include tankless water heaters, fireplace logs, space heaters, patio heaters and gas grills. In addition to our floor display area Tri-Co has on site propane bottles, regulators, fittings, and a large selection of above ground and underground tanks for sale. If we don’t have something you need in most cases we are able to get it for you through our extensive network of suppliers. Our office is easily found through our office location page. Tri-Co propane is located just east of Temple in Rogers Texas. Feel free to come by and view our showroom that is neatly arranged with numerous appliances and propane products for residential enjoyment or business use.

Propane Appliances

Propane appliances available at Tri-Co Propane's location include a wide range of indoor and outdoor propane gas appliances. Outdoor appliances such as grills, patio heaters and even gas logs for outdoor fireplaces can be found in the Tri-Co Propane showroom. Indoor propane equipment such as water heaters, tankless water heaters, space heaters and gas logs are also included in the product showcase at Tri-Co Propane. Should customers desire a special order appliance for their home or business that isn't available at our office location, Trico employees will be happy to research and acquire an appliance or piece of equipment to meet and satisfy your needs.

In many cases, Tri-Co personnel can not only sell propane products and appliances, but can deliver and install propane products and appliances for customers. Also available to customers are certain replacement parts for your propane appliances. Feel free to contact our office or come by to view our propane products showroom.

Propane Cylinders and Tanks

In our inventory you will find tanks and bottles of all sizes. Bottles range in size from 20lbs. to 100lbs. We also carry forklift bottles both aluminum and steel. In our stock yard you will fine tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1000 gallons. Tri-Co also carries bottle racks for customers who provide a bottle switch out service. Cylinder, tank and LP gas system parts are also available through Trico Propane. Many of these types of products are installed by our service department and are generally not sold to the general public. Inquire with our office about any tank or system parts you may need.